Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Biscuits

Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits

Literature can help us understand life and all that, but more important is what it can tell us about the biscuit. We start with Oscar Wilde, for he has much to say, and is the gateway to a wondrous world.

“I can resist everything except temptation.”

Without doubt, Mr Wilde was wiping his chops of the last crumbs of the last biscuit of the pack when he so quipped. Some might argue that there are other explanations. They would be wrong.  While I (and I am rather afraid to say it here) sometimes forget a packet of opened biscuits until, weeks later, I chance upon their flaccid forms in the back of a cupboard, it is very clear to me that this is /not /normal or acceptable behaviour. Nature abhors a vacuum, and human beings abhor an opened, but unfinished, biscuit packet. Maybe it’s because biscuits are delicious: that’s when…

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