Five Android apps that prolong your smartphone’s battery life

By Scott Webster

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Have you found yourself wishing that your Android’s battery would last longer? Don’t answer that, I already know. Be it poor app design, ever-larger display sizes, or our constant desire to play mobile games, we’re eating up battery life faster than we’d like.

As a platform, Android has improved with each iteration and task management, and multitasking keeps getting smarter.

With that said, one of the first complaints from new smartphone users is that the battery doesn’t seem to live up to expectations. Sure, the 2013 crop of flagship phones seems promising, but not everyone wants a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an HTC One. What’s more, not everyone wants to go to Verizon for a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD.

Thankfully, Android developers have been looking for ways to improve the life of a smartphone’s battery. The early days of Android saw the rise of task killers and app managers that would shut…

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