Urban baby blog: Watch out! Not all YouTube ads are age appropriate

NBC Latino

“Screen Time” is a buzz word that parents like to throw around. How much is your child getting? Television is bad for development and all that. Between iPad apps and videos, Adi gets a fair amount. Maybe that makes me a bad mom, but whatever. I know everything she watches and I try to choose educational media for her to consume.

It turns out I didn’t have complete control.

In my eternal quest to have Adi leave me alone long enough for me to cook dinner, I made a YouTube playlist of age-appropriate and very distracting videos. I hit play on the first one, go to the kitchen, and by the time the playlist is finished, I have dinner made. I don’t want to be the kind of parent that just sticks her kid in front of the television, but holy frijole it’s an effective babysitter.

Better living through technology.


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